4 Things Every Blogger Can Do to Improve Education in America

4 Things Every Blogger Can Do to Improve Education in America_5fbe77fcb0b33.jpeg
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4 Things Every Blogger Can Do to Improve Education in America

4 Things Every Blogger Can Do to Improve Education in America

September 1 marked Education Post’s three-year anniversary as a public voice for improving public education.

From the start, our goal has been to build a pro-reform social media platform to get beyond the education bubble and today we have evolved into something unique in the education world: a national online network of fearless, committed advocates for children.

Through more than 10,000 separate blog posts, videos, op-eds and public appearances on dozens of platforms in states all across the country, your voice has reached millions of parents, teachers, students and others who share your belief in the importance of a great education for every single child in America.

Thanks to you, people who may have wanted to speak out but didn’t because they were afraid or unsure or didn’t think it mattered, are speaking up and being heard. They feel safe, and they know they are not alone.

As we look to the years ahead, I urge you to do four things.

  1. First, sharpen your voice. In addition to sharing personal stories, voice your opinions. Do not be afraid to challenge those who disagree with you. You are part of the public debate and your opinion matters. As always, we encourage civility and honesty, but that does not mean you should hold back. Let people know how you feel and where you stand. There’s too much at stake to be silent.
  2. Second, broaden your audience. Not every blog post will go viral, but consistent activity on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and other digital platforms will insure your voice is heard. Don’t be shy. Share your work through social media. Email it to friends and even to those who disagree with you. Healthy, open dialogue is essential in a democracy.
  3. Third, find other voices like yours and give them a platform. There are 50 million school kids in America. There are at least as many parents and guardians. There are four million teachers and countless others in all walks of life who care deeply about public education. Invite any and all to speak up. Strengthening and supporting public education is a movement that must grow to provide every child the education he or she needs and deserves.
  4. Finally, think big. Today you may be an occasional writer for a local blog but someday you could be a prominent voice in the field. You could be quoted in newspapers, speaking on panels, authoring articles and books or working directly for schools, districts and states, shaping and implementing educational policy that directly affects the lives of children and teachers. There is no more important cause than education. Keep at it.

Please know that we believe in you, we value your voice, we respect your views—even when they differ from our own—and we are honored to be your partner in this work. Thank you.

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