AOC Is Tutoring a First Grader

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AOC Is Tutoring a First Grader

AOC Is Tutoring a First Grader

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is highlighting an old, but never out of fashion, kind of public service: Tutoring kids. 

The second-term congresswoman tweeted that she has been matched with a first grader through her office’s Homework Helper program. 

Since AOC is asking for recommendations on how to help her new first-grade buddy read better, we’ve gathered some tips on how she can use the science of reading to do exactly that. 

Hey AOC, These Pieces Can Help With Tutoring

Reading science expert Debbie Meyer has covered these topics for years here on Education Post and across the brightbeam network. 

These three pieces by Meyer are great places to start, but don’t forget to read all of her excellent work. 

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