Episode 07: Millennials in Education

Episode 07: Millennials in Education_5fbe6f0ae58b8.jpeg
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Episode 07: Millennials in Education

Episode 07: Millennials in Education

Ikhlas goes to D.C. for a panel on millennials in education reform, hosted by the Fordham Institute, and speaks to Alyssa Schwenk, director of external relations, on why we should care about what millennials think about education reform and…Taylor Swift.

Ikhlas also had the chance to catch a few thoughts from panelists Mendell Grinter, founder and executive director of Campaign for School Equity, and Lea Crusey, founder of Allies for Educational Equity. She also ran into Dakarai Aarons, vice president of strategic communications for the Data Quality Campaign.

Episode Details:

  • Ikhlas shares her thoughts on the millennial panel at Fordham  5:42
  • Mendell Grinter shares his thoughts on how to engage millennials who are parents 11:19
  • Lea Crusey talks about if millennials are more likely to put money and resources into education reform 12:44
  • Dakarai Aarons on what reform looks like for millennials 14:14
  • Alyssa Schwenk joins to talk about why she organized the panel 15:20
  • Will millennials stay in education, and how committed are they to seeing education change? 23:51
  • Why Alyssa left the classroom to work on policy issues 27:20
  • What roles millennial educators can play in education reform 32:01
  • Alyssa’s comprehensive review of Taylor Swift’s new album 34:35
  • Lane and Ikhlas try to bust some myths about millennials 40:29

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