Episode 35: Talk Less (ft. Howard Fuller)

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Episode 35: Talk Less (ft. Howard Fuller)

Episode 35: Talk Less (ft. Howard Fuller)

Dr. Howard Fuller is a civil rights icon, education reform advocate, and an academic. He is the former superintendant of Milwaulkee Public Schools and a co-founder of the Malcolm X Liberation University.

In this episode, Dr. Fuller explains what it looks like to stop talking and take action. He talks about the time he visited the guerilla freedom fighters in Mozambique, the lack of support for charter schools from both the Democrats and the Republicans, and why teachers’ unions are currently at cross-purposes with students.

Episode Details:

  • How spending a month with guerilla fighters in Mozambique changed Dr. Fuller’s life
  • The goals of the Powerful Parent Network and the Freedom Coalition for Charter Schools
  • The impact that the war on charter schools has on black families
  • Why charter schools are essential for low-income families
  • How The Powerful Parent Network has been putting pressure on Democratic presidential candidates
  • How “states’ rights” arguments have been used historically to undermine civil rights
  • Why teachers’ unions are at cross-purposes with students

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