What You Missed at the #BlackMaleEducators Twitter Chat

What You Missed at the #BlackMaleEducators Twitter Chat_5fbe741dec6b9.jpeg
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What You Missed at the #BlackMaleEducators Twitter Chat

What You Missed at the #BlackMaleEducators Twitter Chat

Last night, the Campaign for Black Male Achievement (CBMA), The Fellowship: Black Male Educators for Social Justice and Education Post teamed up to host a Twitter chat focused on #BlackMaleEducators.

We chatted about the importance of Black male educators, their impact on students of color and how the U.S. can increase the number of Black males in classrooms.

We kicked things off asking folks how many Black male educators have they had during their educational careers.

The responses flowed in quickly, many of them noting the rarity of having a Black man lead their classrooms, and the ways that they were limited because of this deficit. Nationally, Black men make up only 2 percent of the teaching workforce.

Oklahoma educator Nehemiah Frank noted how mind boggling it is how few Black male educators we have in this country.

What keeps Black men from entering and staying in the teaching profession?

The Fellowship, an organization dedicated to recruiting and supporting Black men in the teaching field, had an answer.

Others brought up the cultural and social expectations.

The third question got into the concrete ways schools and districts have brought more Black men into the fold.

The answers were, unfortunately, not especially encouraging all the time, but there were some signs of hope at times.

So what keeps Black male teachers in the classroom?

It struck a chord and got some great discussion going.

We wanted to know what’s the biggest challenge facing #BlackMaleEducators.

The responses were enlightening.

So with all that said how can we better incorporate Black male educators into classrooms?

“Listen to what they have to say about the world, schools and other topics.”

Missed the Twitter chat? It’s never too late to add to the conversation using #BlackMaleEducators.

Photo by Education Post.

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